Transformer Manufacturers

Transformer manufacturers can be researched and contacted at the Electricity Forum online buyer's guide. Our buyer's guide offers a list of several of leading transformer manufacturers. We also offer a request for quotation service for electrical engineers and through this service, you can search for the exact specifications you need.

We feature companies such as:

  • Atlas Transformer Incorporated
  • Bel Volt Sales LTD.
  • Composite Power Group Inc
  • Crompton Instruments
  • Crompton Technology (Crompton Instruments For Canada East)
  • E-Factor (A Division of International Innovative Systems)
  • Foster Transformer
  • Global Power Supply
  • Innovelec
  • Linemans Testing Laboratories of Canada, Ltd.
  • Magna IV Engineering
  • Staco Energy Products Inc
  • TransFluid Services Inc.
  • Transformer Consulting, Inc.


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