Step Up Transformer 100v to 220v

By R.W. Hurst, President, The Electricity Forum

Step Up Transformer

Step Up Transformer

A Step-Up Transformer 110v to 220v design is a transformer in which the secondary currents are higher than its primary voltage. A Step-Up Transformer therefore "steps up" the voltage supplied. For instance, step-up transformer windings are required to use a 220V device in a country which has a 110V electricity supply. A step up transformer 110v 220v converts alternating transformer currents (AC) from one voltage to other voltages currents. A Step-Up Transformer has no internal moving parts and works on the magnetic induction principle. This means it can be designed to either "step-up" or "step-down" supplied voltage. In this way, a step-up transformer increases the voltage and a step down transformer decreases the power currrents.

This is beacause on a step-up transformer there are more turns on the secondary coil than the primary coil. The induced voltage across the secondary coil is greater than the applied voltage across the primary coil or in other words the voltage has been “stepped-up”.

The primary components for voltage transformation are the step up transformer core and coil. The insulation is placed between the turns of wire to prevent shorting to one another or to ground. This is typically comprised of mylar, nomex, kraft paper, varnish, or other materials. As a transformer has no moving parts, it will typically have a life expectancy between 20 and 25 years.

What 'Rating' Transformer Is Needed?
A step-up transformer 110v 220v depends entirely on the products you will be using it with. Give your transformer supplier a detailed list of all the products you will be using with it - and also their maximum outputs. From this information he/she will be able to advise the correct step up transformer rating needed.


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