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Electrical Maintenance Handbook, Vol. 10

Volume 10 of the Electrical Maintenance handbook series is an excellent source of information for proper testing techniques, maintenance tips and good work habits to ensure a safe workplace and minimize risk and liability. Such articles include the basics of impedance and return loss, line leakage testing, generator maintenance testing, tracking down random trips and problems, and understanding better how stray voltage affects multi-meter measurements.

  • Why Calibrate Test Equipment?
  • Impedance/Return Loss: The Basics
  • Performance and Operational Characteristics of an Advanced Power System
  • Line Leakage Testing: Is it Right for your Application?
  • Short Circuit Current Ratings & Solid State Relays
  • Generator Maintenance Testing
  • Isolation Technologies for Reliable Industrial Measurements
  • Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Substation Life Cycle Cost Management Supported By Stochastic Optimization Algorithm
  • The Care and Feeding of a Synchronous Motor
  • Inter-System Ground Noise: Cause and Effects
  • Tracking Down Random Trips and Problems
  • How Stray Voltage Affects Multi-meter Measurements
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