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I am pleased to welcome you to The Electricity Forum website. Our site is part of our continuing commitment to provide current industry-related information that might be of interest to you, the electrical professional.

The Electricity Forum is a unique organization that contributes to the North American electrical industry as a leading source of innovative information and educational platforms, through our magazine publishing, live online forum/electrical technical training and digital activities. We are engaged in a broad range of information streams, designed to engage the electrical industry: utility and non-utility power producers, electrical engineering, construction and maintenance professionals working in industrial, commercial and institutional power systems; consulting engineers and electrical contractors.

By creating successful partnerships with various stakeholders, we have achieved success over the past 35+ years in supporting our magazine readers, students and website visitors with technical content, continuing education and timely electrical industry information.

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The Electricity Forum is a North American "value added" publisher of print, internet and live "policies and technologies" information products for the North American electric power industry, with:

Magazine Publishing

1. Electricity Today Magazine (with a combined Canada and U.S. print circulation of 15,000 electric power professionals and a total reach of 30,000 readers) is distributed to North American T&D electric utility engineering, construction and maintenance personnel, and consulting engineers.

2. Intelligent Power Today (IPT) Magazine formerly Electrical Source Magazine focuses on smart electrical power technology and the latest technological innovations that deliver, control, protect, and manage electric power systems in industrial plants and facilities, commercial buildings and public institutions (airports, colleges and universities, hospitals, and public works buildings). IPT reaches Canadian electrical engineering and maintenance personnel who have a responsibility for specifying, designing, engineering, installing, and maintaining intelligent electrical devices and systems (total reach of 30,000 readers).

These two magazines have a total Canada and U.S. print circulation of 30,000 electric power professionals and a total reach of 60,000 readers.

Digital Handbook Publishing

3. These magazines are supported by 6 annual Digital Technical Handbooks on a wide variety of subjects related to our major magazine focused issues.

Digital Magazine Publishing

4. All advertisements in our magazines are also included in our "digital magazines" which receive up to 6800,000 page views and downloads per issue by electric power professionals from across North America.


5. Our website www.electricityforum.com (10 million page views a year from 1 million unique visitors) contains the largest Electrical Equipment Buyer's Guide and Directory on the internet with more than 500 manufacturers and 1,000 product categories. The average company in our on-line Buyer's Guide receives more than 5,000 page views and click throughs from our directory to their home pages. The average banner advertiser in our website receives more than 150,000 exposures a year with more than 2,500 click throughs to their web site

E-Broadcast Product Announcements

6. We also have the electrical industry's largest email newsletter and e-broadcast product announcement service which is sent to more than 50,000 North American electric power professionals.

Electricity Forums and Technical Training Seminars

7. Our national and regional conferences and electrical training courses across North America that attract more than 1,500 delegates a year. The Electricity Forum is committed to developing leading-edge and topical conferences and technical training seminars. It is possible to sponsor and distribute technical material to our forums as well as advertise to our audience of electric power engineers and maintenance personnel with table-top displays.

In Canada:

The Canadian Electricity Forum

218-1885 Clements Road
Pickering, Ontario
L1W 3V4
(289) 200-1965

Our Staff:

President and CEO........Randolph W. Hurst

Vice President and CFO........Louisa Lin


Electricity Today T&D Magazine

Publisher & Executive Editor........Randolph W. Hurst

Media Marketing Manager........Annette Schnur

Digital Marketing Representative..........Sandra Smith

Intelligent Power Today Magazine

Publisher & Executive Editor........Randolph W. Hurst

Website Design/Administrator........Kate Truong

Business Development Director,
Electricity Today/Intelligent Power Today Magazines........Renata Ginter

Creative Art Director,
Electricity Today/Intelligent Power Today Magazines........Jason Praskey

Conferences and Training

Vice President, Electricity Forum Training Institute........Colin P. Hurst

Sales and Marketing Director, Conferences and Training........Louisa Lin

In The United States:

The Electricity Forum, Inc.

One Franklin Square, Suite 212A
Geneva, New York
Office: (267) 239-0829
Cell: (631) 478-9488

Our Staff:

President.............Randolph W. Hurst

Digital Marketing Representative........Sandra Smith

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