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Electricity Forum is dedicated to the exchange of energy policy and technology information regarding the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electric current to large industrial, commercial, institutional and home energy power consumers. We publish award-winning utility T&D and industrial electrical magazines, technical handbooks and produces a full suite of basic in-person and online electrical training courses. For more than 30 years, our company has been an independent, opinion leader and trusted authority in the development and delivery of a wide range of T&D and Industrial subjects, such as the energy sources of electrical equipment that power generate electric power. We also advertise electrical jobs, and an provide an e-commerce platform for the sale books, training courses, test equipment, arc flash ppe clothing and other electrical products.| JOIN FOR FREE TODAY!

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What Is An Autotransformer?

What is an autotransformer? An autotransformer has one winding, a portion of which is common to both the primary and the secondary circuits. In other words, the primary and secondary coils have some or all windings in common. An autotransformer is usually employed for the voltage conv... READ MORE

What Is An Autotransformer?
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