Arc Flash Pictures

Arc Flash Pictures

Arc Flash Pictures identify the hazard of this explosive energy. Think of an arc flash as a short circuit through the air. In an arc flash incident, an enormous amount of concentrated radiant energy explodes out wards from the electrical equipment (see video), creating pressure waves that can damage a persons hearing, a high-intensity flash that can damage their eyesight and a superheated ball of gas that can severely burn a workers body and melt metal. The pressure waves can also send loose material like pieces of damaged equipment, tools and other objects flying through the air.

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Arc Flash Pictures show burn injuries and deaths that are caused each year by arc flash explosions. Arc flashes persent numerous dangers to electrical workers due to the extremely intense high-level heat generated in an arc flash and the pressure wave from an arc blast incident. The electrical industry is continuously working to advance the level of knowledge and understanding of arc flash burn incidents. The development of NFPA 70E has provided a national work practice standard to deal with this hazard. This, along with OSHA law, is an effort to decrease the number of arc flash burn injuries that occur as a result of an electrical incident. Some recent advances have caused forward movement in safety and increased knowledge and understanding in this area.

Arc Flash Pictures
In these arc flash burn pictures you can see how severe arc flash burns can cause a slow, painful death, but even when they aren't fatal, they can do severe damage. Hot gases can injure lungs and impair breathing. Even curable burns can result in painful skin and tissue injury that can take weeks or months to heal. Here are a few arc flash burn photos of typical injuries.

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