EasyPower LLC | EasyPower 138-page Practical Solution Guide To Arc Flash Hazards, Third Edition

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This guide will walk you through the steps of conducting an arc flash assessment.

  • Developed by a team of professional engineers and PhDs at EasyPower
  • Includes instructions on performing risk assessments, calculating arc flash boundaries, creating arc flash labels, and more
  • Covers IEEE 1584-2018 and NFPA 70E calculation methods
  • A must-have resource for safety managers, electrical engineers, or anyone responsible for an electrical safety program

The guide was designed to walk you through the necessary steps of implementing an arc-flash assessment as part of your overall safety program requirements. It will help you and your team make important decisions concerning the safety of your employees, contractors and help manage the complex tasks of OSHA and NFPA 70E® compliance for arc-flash hazards.


Chapter 1 | Introduction

Chapter 2 | Concepts and Definitions For Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Chapter 3 | Arc Flash Calculation and NFPA Methods

Chapter 4 | Practical Steps for Arc-Flash Calculations

Chapter 5 | Reducing Arc Flash Risks

Chapter 6 | Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Chapter 7 | Data Collection for an Arc Flash Hazard Study

Chapter 8 | Modeling and Arc Flash Analysis in EasyPower®

Chapter 9 | Arc-Flash Label Printing & Placement

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