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Electricity is the focus of The Electricity Forum, which is dedicated to the exchange of policy and technical information about Electrical Energy matters. We deal with issues in common to electric utilities and large industrial, commercial and institutional power consumers. We publish electrical energy magazines, electrical handbooks and electrial training conferences. Browse our site and learn all about electricity facts, definitions, explanations, and electrical equipment supplies and technologies that help to make modern life possible.

Our Electricity pages offer lots of education about electricity for homework projects and lessons about electric power: subjects like current, magnetism, static electricity, and electricity subjects. See our Electricity Pages.

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Electrical Safety for Qualified Electrical Workers- ALL NEW CONTENT

Our popular one-day CSA Z462 - 2015 Edition Arc Flash Training course is designed for front-line workers who are responsible for electrical systems and needing certification in the CSA Z462 electrical safety standard which came into effect in January 2015. This standard covers safe work practices related to electrical dangers in the workplace. Students will gain a solid understanding of hazards encountered while operating or maintaining electrical installations in the low voltage (below 750V) class including a full understanding of the arc hazard categorization, appropriate PPE selection and safe electrical work procedures. This one-day arc flash training course is designed to assist organizations to identify shock and arc flash hazards and prevent injuries and incidents associated with those hazards. - May, Sept 2016

Advanced Electrical Safety- ALL NEW CONTENT

This 1-day Advanced Electrical Safety course is best suited for students who want a more in-depth look at CSA Z462, Canada's arc flash standard, an in-depth look at: how to coordinate company safety standards and occupational health and safety management standards; how to develop and deliver meaningful electrical safety programs; how to perform proper risk assessments and lockout programs; equations for defining electrical safety zones; how to work within the limited approach boundary of overhead lines or buried power lines; methods for designing electrical safety into equipment and systems, and the safe performance of substation tasks, etc. - May, Sept 2016

Canadian Fire Alarm Systems - Design, Installation, Testing and Maintenance - ALL NEW CONTENT

Sign up today for Canada's leading Canadian Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems training course. Our course goes well beyond the recitation of Codes and Standards. Complete with 8 Interactive Workshops on fire alarm protection systems that examine the purpose and specific application of the different codes and standards that regulate the industry. Avoid installation errors, failed inspections and false alarms! This interactive course maximizes its impact through dynamic curriculum and a learning environment that encourages discussions with other course attendees. Workshops are taught by a recognized and experienced fire protection professional who understands today’s changing safety dynamics. - May, June 2016

2015 Canadian Electrical Code Update - ALL NEW CONTENT

Electrical Code training is intended to do a lot more than instruct about what changes have taken place since the last time Canada issued a national Electrical Code. We have organized a unique training course, designed for all types of electrical professionals. This course is delivered by one of Canada's leading CEC experts in industrial, commercial, institutional and residential electrical installations. As well, our trainer has professional experience in the business of conducting electrical inspections. THis course is designed and delivered by Larry Cantelo, Canada's leading expert on Canada's Electrical Code interpretation, our course will teach students not only on the latest code changes, but how to understand what the rules are and how to access the code with ease. - May-June, October 2016

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