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Electrical Energy is the focus of The Electricity Forum, which is dedicated to the exchange of policy and technical information about Electrical Energy matters. We deal with issues in common to electric utilities and large industrial, commercial and institutional power consumers. We publish electrical energy magazines, electrical handbooks and electrial training conferences. Browse our site and learn all about electricity facts, definitions, explanations, and electrical equipment supplies and technologies that help to make modern life possible.

Our Electrical Energy pages offer lots of education about electricity for homework projects and lessons about electric power: subjects like current, magnetism, static electricity, and electricity subjects. See our Electrical Energy Pages.

Electrical Energy Training Electrical Training Courses

Power System Protection Engineering Course

Our Power System Protection And Coordination Training Course provides a practical and comprehensive description of the principles and concepts of analysis, application and operation of protection schemes for various power system elements such as feeders, transformers, motors, buses, generators, etc. - November, 2014

Power System Studies Engineering Course

Our Power System Modeling and Calculations Engineering Training Course will provide students with an in-depth review of fault analysis problems in industrial, commercial and institutional power systems and provide the means for solving such problems, and discusses the impact of short-circuit fault currents on equipment selection. The course also highlights the differences in the computational approaches recommended in IEEE and IEC standards. A commercially available software program for performing fault analysis will be used by the presenter to solve example problems. - December, 2014

ALL NEW!! 2-Day Arc Flash/Electrical Safety Workshops

This NEW 2-Day dynamicm course is designed to be an interactive, problem-solving, learning environment for students of all disciplines. Instructor-led electrical safety group exercises, and presentations that will engage students and make for a more meaningful, educational experience.

There is no substitute for in-person, instructor-led electrical training. Students are guaranteed to walk away with the information they need to make safe decisions involving their electrical work practices. From this dynamic training, they will receive the proper awareness and training needed in order to develop a personal arc flash safety strategy in the workplace. - January-February, 2015

High Voltage Substation Maintenance Training Course

Electrical Substation maintenance is a key component of any substation owner's electrical maintenance program. This course will cover the maintenance and testing requirements for common substation devices, including power transformers, oil, air and vacuum circuit breakers, switchgear, ground grid systems, batteries, chargers and insulating liquids. This course focuses on what to do, when to do it and how to interpret the results from testing and maintenance. - January/February, 2015

VFD and Motor Control Training

This 2-Day course will highlight the proper installation of Variable Frequency Drives and Electric Motors into the distribution system. VFDs are being installed more frequently today; however there are still several installations with VFD Issues being ignored or incorrectly being addressed. Examples of improper installations will be discussed to indicate potential problems that cause damaging consequences. - February, 2015

Canada's 2015 Electrical Code

We have created a unique 2-Day course that is designed for all levels of electrical professionals by one of Canada's leading experts in industrial, commercial, institutional and residential electrical installations, as well as the business of conducting electrical inspections. The course will instruct not only on the latest code changes, but how to understand what the rules are and how to access the code with ease. Some people spend endless time searching for the rules that they need. This course will teach what you need to know, quickly and accurately. Our instructor will demonstrate how to find the answers you need in a few easy steps. You will not only find the answers easily and correctly. - February/March/April, 2015

Electrical Generators & Standby Emergency Power System Training

Our 2015 course will you what you can do, and should do with standby electrical generators and emergency power generation systems, to make sure your facility will keep running even if the electricity to your plant or facility doesn't. - February/March, 2015

Electrical Testing and Troubleshooting Training

This 2-day interactive course will help to maximize industrial electrical productivity and help to solve problems faster and reduce electrical equipment downtime. This dynamic and interactive electrical testing and troubleshooting course will review equipment necessary to perform a Site Survey, such as industry oscilloscopes and Multimeters, Power Quality Analyzers, Current Clamp meters, and Mini Infrared Thermometers. - May, 2015

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