| New Line of Transformer Oil Products for Canada

Calumet Specialty Products Partner, L.P. and Aevitas Inc. have announced a partnership to bring improved access to premier transformer oil products to the Canadian market. Calumet’s new line of Caltran insulating oils will be distributed exclusively by Aevitas across Canada.

The new Caltran line of arctic-grade insulating oils feature exceptional low temperature fluidity, corrosion control and oxidation stability, making them an ideal solution for conditions in Canada. Caltran improves circulation and heat transfer. The product can withstand high levels of electrical field strength and assists in the prevention of corona discharge and arcing. The high level of refining removes corrosive sulfur compounds, resulting in corrosion control.

Calumet chose Aevitas to be the exclusive distributor of this product due to the company’s superior ability to stock, test, maintain and supply products in varying packaged and bulk quantities. Aevitas Inc. also owns and operates its own fleet of dedicated transformer oil tankers, ensuring rigorous quality standards are followed all the way through on bulk deliveries.

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