Electricity Forum Corporate Press Release/Announcement


There are many benefits to releasing Corporate Press Releases/Announcements to the Electricity Forum community.
Here are the Top Seven:

  • 1
    All businesses can benefit from releasing Corporate Press Releases/Announcements to a targeted community.

    - No matter what industry you're in and no matter how small or big your company is, you can benefit from Corporate Press Release/Announcement distribution.

  • 2
    Corporate Press Releases/Announcements are relatively inexpensive, when compared to display advertising.

    - The Electricity Forum Corporate Press Release/Announcement Service is an inexpensive way to get your story in front of our Electricity Forum community of electrical engineering and maintenance professionals.

  • 3
    Corporate Press Releases/Announcements boost your company's exposure visibility.

  • 4
    Corporate Press Releases/Announcements can establish your company as an industry expert.

    - The Electricity Forum is a trusted source of leading electrical industry information. Releasing your Corporate Release/Announcement on our platform lends credibility to your company.

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    Well written, important Corporate Press Releases/Announcements can spread far and wide.

    - The Electricity Forum Corporate Press Releases/Announcement Platform is visited every day of the year by thousands of interested readers they are able to like, share and download any of our Corporate Press Releases/Announcements for sharing with others in the industry.

  • 6
    Use your Corporate Press Releases/Announcements to get more customers.

    - Corporate Press Releases/Announcements are a great way to build relationships with potential customers by starting a conversation, answering a question, etc. Trust and communication are the foundation of every successful business relationship.

  • 7
    Investors also read the news.

    - Corporate Press Releases/Announcements highlight the successes and advancements made by your company. This can be a powerful way to attract investors.


When you purchase a Corporate Press Release/Announcement, we will insert your Release/Announcement in one issue of our digital magazines, either Electricity Today T&D Magazine or Intelligent Power Today Industrial Power Systems Magazine.

When you purchase a Corporate Press Release/Announcement, we will include a link to your Press Release/Announcement in our monthly newsletter distributed to more than 30,000+ Electricity Forum members.

R.E.A.P. The Benefits of Corporate Press Release/Announcements

Adding your Corporate Press Release/Announcement to our Electricity Forum Press Release Section is a great way to:

  • Reinforce Your Brand Name - Increase the exposure of your company's products and services

  • Expose Your Products And Services - Bring attention to your company's recent product announcements

  • Attract Visitors To Your Website - Generate traffic to your website: More Page Views, Visits, Downloads

  • Prospect For New Business - Receive requests for information

About Our Corporate Press Release/Announcement Service

The www.ElectricityForum.com Corporate Press Release/Announcement Service is a great way to spread the word to our community about your company's activities.

Publicize your Corporate Press Releases/Announcements (For Product Announcements, See the Electricity Forum Product Showcase Section) in the Electricity Forum Press Release/Announcement News section of our website.

The Electricity Forum News section is THE MOST visited section of our website. Every year, Electricity Forum generates hundreds of thousands of page views on our News Section.

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