ENMAX flips the switch on solar installation

- The ENMAX Corporation recently placed the final panels on its head office roof to complete one of the largest solar installations in the city. Covering over 8,000 square feet, the system will produce enough energy annually to power approximately one third of computers and monitors at the company’s head office.

“We are committed to energy solutions that improve our direct use of cleaner sources of electricity,” said Gianna Manes, President and CEO, ENMAX Corporation. ”This solar installation will provide us with excellent knowledge and insight that we can apply to both our home solar product offering and the commercial line currently under development.”

The new system, installed at head office ENMAX Place, will provide about 57,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy each year. The output will be monitored daily via a web-based program that provides real-time data.

ENMAX Energy Corporation is also celebrating a significant milestone. Adding up all the ENMAX Energy installed solar panels on homes across the province, more than one million kilowatt hours have been generated as of this summer this is roughly equivalent to how much electricity is needed to run 1,600 average homes for one month. The program consists of an innovative leasing offer and continues to gain speed as sign-ups increase year over year. The initiative is supported by the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation CCEMC. The CCEMC’s mandate is to establish or participate in funding initiatives that reduce GHG emissions or improve Alberta’s ability to adapt to climate change.


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