Oahu homeowner using wind power

MCCULLY, HAWAII - An Oahu resident is powering his home with an energy source that is getting a lot of attention.

An unusual sight recently popped up on the roof of a McCully home.

The wind turbine that now generates electricity for Sunny Stevens' home is catching the eye of neighborhood residents and motorists who slow down to check it out.

"It creates power that can be used to feed the grid, or to use in your home before you draw power from HECO," Stevens said.

"Everybody looks at it. Everybody wonders what it is."

Stevens bought the Windterra brand unit in Canada for about $12,000 but only paid about $7,000 after receiving state and federal tax incentives. Stevens said he expects to save about $130 a month on his electricity bill and plans to cover the cost of his investment over the next five years.

"I think using solar and wind power, I think a lot of people here in Hawaii could reduce our dependence on fossil fuels," Stevens said.

Motorists passing by are curious.

"The thing I wanted to find out is does it make a lot of noise?" driver Phil Sallee said after stopping to get a closer look. "But it's absolutely quiet. I really like it. We are lucky being here in Hawaii because we have an island grid and we are all connected."


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