Ontario looks at $36 billion in industrial project work

ONTARIO - In Ontario, there are 415 industrial projects totaling more than $36 billion that have either already begun construction in 2008 or are scheduled to begin construction.

The majority of the work planned is in the Power Industry, which makes up 72% of the spending with $26 billion planned, mainly for new nuclear power units and windfarms.

Bruce Power LP and Ontario Power Generation are both planning billion-dollar nuclear unit additions in Ontario. Canadian Hydro Developers Incorporated began site preparation activities for a 198-megawatt windfarm project on Wolfe Island. This is just one of a large number of windfarm projects scheduled for the province.

The second busiest industry in Ontario is the Metals & Minerals Industry with 72 projects totaling $3.5 billion. Xstrata Canada Incorporated began a $121 million project to extend the life of its Kidd Creek copper-zinc mine.

After the Metals & Minerals Industry is the Industrial Manufacturing Industry with 60 projects totaling $3 billion. Earlier this summer, Chrysler Canada Incorporated began retooling its 3 million-square-foot automobile assembly plant in Brampton.

The $1.4 billion project is scheduled to be completed next fall.


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