NaiKun proposes offshore wind farm

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc. submitted a proposal to BC Hydro's Clean Power Call to supply up to 396 MW of electricity, or enough to power approximately 130,000 homes, from Canada's first offshore wind energy project.

NaiKun's proposal covers the first phase of its project and comprehensively addresses all aspects of the project, including pricing, delivery dates and transmission routing and connection options.

The proposal also includes an option for HaidaLink, NaiKun's plan to connect Haida Gwaii in the Queen Charlotte Islands, to British Columbia's main electricity grid via NaiKun's generation facility, potentially ending the islands' reliance on diesel generators. The company's project site is in Hecate Strait, between Haida Gwaii and the northwest coast of mainland British Columbia.

"NaiKun's project is complementary to the province's existing hydroelectric system and will supply competitively priced, clean and green electricity to British Columbians," said Paul Taylor, NaiKun's president and CEO. "We are confident of our success given that our proposal features a superior wind resource, proven technology, collaborative partnerships, an experienced team and strong public support."

BC Hydro's Clean Power Call seeks 5,000 GWh of clean, renewable energy per year as part of its effort to attain the goal of energy self-sufficiency by 2016. BC Hydro is scheduled to award contracts in the second quarter of 2009.

The next key milestone for NaiKun will be submitting an application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate in early 2009. The application will be formally submitted to the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office and to the Council of the Haida Nation.


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