New AMI technology coming to Saskatoon and surrounding area

- SaskPower and SaskEnergy are moving into the next phase of their joint Advanced Metering Infrastructure AMI deployment plan, and will be installing new smart electricity meters and advanced gas modules to homes, farms and businesses in the Saskatoon area.

Upgrades for Saskatoon and surrounding areas are scheduled to begin in late April 2014 and continue until March 2015. All SaskPower and SaskEnergy customers will receive direct mail notification at least two weeks in advance, informing them of the upcoming meter exchange and/or gas module upgrade.

Important Note: Saskatoon Light & Power distributes electrical services to residents and businesses of Saskatoon in its franchise area 1958 City boundary – see map. All areas outside of this boundary are serviced by SaskPower however, there are several neighbourhoods including Airport Business Area, Arbor Creek, College Park East, CN Industrial, Erindale, Evergreen, North Industrial and Westview, where SL&P and SaskPower each provide service to sections of these neighbourhoods.

SaskEnergy is planning to retrofit their natural gas meters with AMI modules throughout the City of Saskatoon and surrounding area.

You will see field service representatives from GridOne Solutions in your area contracted to deliver these upgrades for SaskPower and SaskEnergy. During the installation, there will be no interruption to natural gas service however, there will be a short interruption to electricity service, lasting no more than 15 minutes. Homeowners should please ensure the areas around electricity and natural gas meters are free of any obstructions, such as bushes or yard tools.

The new AMI technology will provide regular information on your electrical and natural gas consumption directly to SaskPower and SaskEnergy, using a secure two-way wireless communication system. This will enable both companies to use actual consumption information instead of generating estimates for billing purposes. As provincial installation of smart meters and gas modules moves forward, customers will begin to see these and other benefits phased in over time.


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