Customers cash in on ConEd incentives

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Energy management systems are fast becoming a popular energy efficiency measure among multi-family owners and managers.

An energy management system may cost between $15,000 and $25,000 for a building up to 75 units but, through Con EdisonÂ’s Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program, customers can save between $6,000 and $20,000.

“Energy management systems are an effective way to retrofit an existing building to be energy efficient,” said David Hepinstall, executive director of the Association for Energy Affordability AEA, the organization that implements the Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program on behalf of Con Edison. “These systems allow multi-family owners and managers to control a building’s temperature, reduce energy costs, analyze building performance and determine where to make other energy efficiency investments.”

In addition to the installation of energy management systems and other heating controls, incentives are available for the following energy efficiency improvements in common areas:

• Heating system upgrades to high efficiency equipment

• Roof and heating pipe insulation

• Upgrades to high efficiency fluorescent lighting and light-emitting diode LED exit signs

• Installation of occupancy sensors

• Premium efficiency motors for pumps and fans and

• Upgrades to high efficiency central air conditioning.

Incentives are also available for energy efficiency improvements within individual apartment units.

Residents receive up to six free compact fluorescent light bulbs and an energy-saving “smart” power strip. They may also be eligible for efficient showerheads, faucet aerators and other cost-effective measures.

Beyond the substantial incentives, Con Edison customers participating in its Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program are opting to install energy management systems in their buildings for a variety of reasons.

“The potential annual energy savings, a payback period as short as two years and supporting New York’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan make these systems an attractive energy efficiency investment,” said Rebecca Craft, director Energy Efficiency Programs, Con Edison.

The Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program offers free energy surveys and financial incentives for approved electric and gas energy efficiency upgrades in eligible multi-family buildings. To participate in the program, property owners and building managers must own or manage a building with five to 75 units, receive a Con Edison electric and/or natural gas bill and pay the System Benefits Charge SBC.


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