AECL chair offers opportunities for Windsor-Essex

WINDSOR-ESSEX, ONTARIO - Windsor-Essex Region has the skills, experience, and intellectual resources to become integral players in Canada's expanding nuclear industry, says Atomic Energy of Canada Limited's (AECL) chair Glenna Carr.

Speaking at the Windsor-Essex Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Carr described the enormous opportunity for the region which she said has a well-educated and skilled workforce, and a keen interest in the jobs of the future – valuable assets that could help drive the area's recovery from recent economic challenges.

"Canada's nuclear industry has the potential to create thousands of new jobs, and generate billions of dollars in revenue," said Ms.

Carr. "There are now plans to build more than 230 nuclear reactors around the world representing an investment of more than one trillion dollars in the next 20 years. Winning just a fraction of the world nuclear new build market represents enormous opportunity for AECL, its suppliers and all Canadians."

Ms. Carr referenced a recent Conference Board of Canada study that estimates if AECL and its Team CANDU partners were to build four twin Advanced CANDU Reactors – or ACR-1000s - in Canada, and eight twin reactors internationally, it would generate 500,000 person-years of employment for Canadians.

Ms. Carr also suggested ways for Windsor-Essex to help get its workers into the nuclear industry. "Creating partnerships between government, educational institutions and the private sector can create career prospects for college and university students while enhancing Canada's nuclear capabilities," said Ms. Carr. "We are going to need people in key trades such as welders, mechanical technicians and precision metal cutters, as well as engineers and leaders in human resources and safety management. To fill these roles, we need to raise awareness in schools and the community at large about the opportunities for work in the nuclear sector."

Ms. Carr said the nuclear industry and Windsor-Essex schools and colleges need to work together to help people transition into nuclear. "St. Clair College provides transitional learning so that Windsor-area residents can be hired in positions to support the growing nuclear industry, and take advantage of employment opportunities," she said.


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