OPG reminds everyone to be safe around water

ONTARIO - March Break is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner. While spring brings with it longer days and warmer weather, it also brings melting ice and rains that can make rivers and lakes even more dangerous than normal.

Prevent your outdoor adventure from turning into an outdoor tragedy by taking extra care — and stay well away from creeks, rivers and slippery river banks.

Sergeant Karen Harrington of the Ontario Provincial Police says, "Ice conditions are changing on Ontario's lakes and waterways. Rain and warmer temperatures are contributing to increased water levels and swift flows even smaller creeks and drainage ditches can be treacherous at this time of year. Parents should talk with their children and warn them of the need to stay clear of all waterways, small or large."

On some lakes and rivers, hydroelectric stations can also affect flows and ice conditions. Water flows can change quickly resulting in dangerously thin ice.

As the popular television public service announcement says, "It's no mystery, stay clear of thin ice near dams and hydroelectric stationsÂ… stay clear, stay safe".

Make sure your March Break is a safe one. Learn more about safety around dams and hydroelectric stations by visiting opg.com/watersafety,


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