Toronto Parking Authority goes solar

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA - As part of an ongoing renewable energy initiative, the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) in Ontario, Canada is installing a solar powered grid-tie system from Carmanah Technologies Corporation.

Valued at approximately $248,000, the wall mounted grid-tie system will generate electricity from the sun's energy to help power the TPA facility, reducing the facility's reliance on the Toronto Hydro distribution system while helping to control energy expenses. To help offset the capital expenditure of the upgrade, the integrated solar power system will also generate revenue through a contract with the Ontario Power Authority's Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP).

Based in Victoria, BC, Carmanah Technologies is a leading provider of solar power systems for grid-tie applications across Canada.

Other recent grid-tie applications include a 5 kW system on a new Canadian Tire store in Welland, Ontario, and a 108 kW system on the new Jean Canfield Government Building in Prince Edward Island — named Canada's 2008 Solar Project of the Year by the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA).


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