Emerson to update operator interface stations at Barking power plant

UNITED KINGDOM - Emerson Process Management, a division of Emerson Electric Company, has secured a contract to upgrade operator interface stations at the Barking power plant in the United Kingdom.

Under the contract, the firm will supply an Ovation expert control system to replace the ABB Bailey Operator Interface Stations connected to the Bailey INFI 90 system. The interface between the new system and existing proprietary controllers and other third-party products would either be through a direct mechanism or through the Object Linking and Embedding technology for Process Control.

As part of the contract, Emerson will install and commission the new equipment and will also provide graphics and database conversion services. It will also supply its SureService program, which offers a range of support services aimed at minimizing operating and maintenance costs while ensuring peak performance of the systems.

The planned migration to the Ovation system is a flexible and low-cost alternative to total control systems replacement. By using the latest technologies, the migration enables communication between the Ovation system and Bailey Command, and the Network 90 and INFI 90 systems, enabling users of existing systems to benefit from the new digital bus technologies without having to incur the initial cost of entirely replacing the control equipment.

The project plan does not require the power plant to be shut down for installation of the new systems and will allow for parallel operation during the migration. Emerson will ensure full integration between the Ovation workstations and the existing Bailey controllers and will also oversee alignment of the new systems with other information technology functions in the power plant. The solution, which is totally customizable to match plant architecture, will give the plant a flexible alternative to its aging Bailey systems.

Emerson Process Management is a world leader in the automation of production, processing and distribution processes in the power, water, wastewater, mining, oil, gas and other sectors. The Ovation system, developed by the firm specifically for the power generation industry, has been installed in power plants in Nebraska, India and Thailand. It is an integral component in Emerson's PlantWeb digital plant architecture, which relies on a network of predictive intelligence to forecast process and equipment problems before they occur.

The Ovation system consists of commercially available hardware components, operating systems and network architecture, and includes a number of advanced technologies. Benefits at project level include faster start-up, lower cost and reduced risks. At the operational level, it offers improved availability and reliability by integrating data obtained from thousands of instruments located throughout the plant to detect and predict conditions that could lead to process or equipment failure. The system also facilitates future automation upgrades, as its components allow for easy integration with other systems and software.

The Barking power station was constructed between 1992 and 1995 at Dagenham, Essex, and is one of the largest privately owned power stations in the U.K. It utilizes the combined-cycle gas turbine technology to operate five gas turbines and two steam turbines at more than 50% thermal efficiency with low levels of emissions. It has a power generation capacity of 1,000 megawatts that amounts to nearly 2% of the peak power demand in England and Wales.


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