Woodbine to rein in power consumption

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Direct Energy, one of North America's largest energy and energy related services companies, is pleased to announce the participation of Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG) in Direct Energy's 25MW commitment to the Ontario Power Authority's (OPA) Demand Response program (DR3).

The DR3 program is a contractual peak load shedding agreement between the OPA and energy aggregators with the objective of reducing electricity usage when the Ontario electricity grid is overly stressed.

"Direct Energy is committed to being a leader in energy conservation initiatives. Promoting energy conservation in the home and office is a core element of Direct Energy's business," said Bob Huggard, President, Direct Energy Home and Business Services. "The successful execution of programs such as this is essential if Ontario is to succeed in creating an environment where the lights will always be on."

Direct Energy, in partnership with its clients, has committed to reduce electricity demand by 25MW when requested by the OPA. Assuming an average Ontario household draws 2.5 kW from the electricity grid, during the summer's peak electricity usage period, Direct Energy's 25MW reduction commitment ensures 10,000 homes will have consistent electricity supply.

The OPA's DR3 program, one of the most competitive programs in North America, compensates organizations for reducing electricity use during periods of peak demand. Participating organizations are compensated in two ways: for being available to shed electricity during their selected hours and for reducing their electricity when requested. Direct Energy estimates that the revenue potential for an organization that commits to shedding 200 kW, from one or more of its facilities, over five years is up to $200,000 in addition to their electricity savings.

"Woodbine Entertainment Group is first out of the starting gate when it comes to adopting measures that enable us to be more energy efficient. We are excited that Direct Energy identified another opportunity for us to do even more," stated Nick Eaves, President and COO of WEG. Over the last three years, Direct Energy has worked with WEG to update much of its infrastructure to more energy efficient standards including retrofitting their boiler plant, installing power-saving lighting controls and updating their building automation system.

The OPA DR3 program is best suited for forward-looking, environmentally conscious organizations, such as WEG, who have a minimum peak demand of 1MW in one or multiple facilities. By volunteering to reduce load on the grid as part of DR3, participating organizations ensure that home owners and small businesses experience uninterrupted power delivery during peak hours.

"Involving our business customers in the DR3 program is just the tip of the iceberg in a complete energy management strategy. Revenue earned from reduced energy use and enrollment in the DR3 program can easily be reinvested into energy conservation and demand management initiatives," noted Michael Flores, Vice President, Demand Response Business, North America.


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