PowerStream strengthens ties with Korean electric utility

Toronto, ON -- - Recently, PowerStream and the Korea Electric Power Corporation KEPCO signed a Memorandum of Agreement MOA that outlines four project initiatives the two energy companies will undertake over the next three to five years to further the development of smart distribution and micro grid networks in the North American electricity marketplace.

The MOA, signed by Mr. Brian Bentz, PowerStream President and CEO and Dr. Cho, Hwan-Eik, KEPCO President and CEO, was developed nearly a year after the two organizations had established an initial Memorandum of Understanding MOU to work collaboratively in the areas of micro grid and smart grid technologies with an objective of developing a large-scale application that would serve as a model for further advancement of these technologies in world-wide electricity distribution systems.

The new agreement specifies the following projects that PowerStream and KEPCO will pursue over the next few years:

- Building and operating a distribution level micro grid network in Penetanguishene, Ontario

- Designing and building an electricity market and service model for the distribution management system DMS and micro grid service sector

- Implementing and demonstrating a full-scale smart DMS as a replacement technology for conventional supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA system technology

- Developing the strategy and plan for the marketing and sales of smart DMS and distribution level micro grid operation systems in the North American market

Both PowerStream and KEPCO are proven leaders in the implementation and use of smart grid and micro grid technologies within their respective jurisdictions. In 2013, PowerStream built a Micro Grid Demonstration Project at its head office, while KEPCO has committed to invest over $7 billion US in its smart grid business by 2030 to make electricity distribution more efficient and decrease South Korea's greenhouse gas emissions.

"The signing of this Memorandum of Agreement is an important achievement for both our companies and further solidifies our partnership," said Brian Bentz, PowerStream President and CEO. "It sets out the framework for collaboration between our two leading energy companies that is truly remarkable."

"Through the discussions over the past year with PowerStream personnel, we are further convinced that we have the perfect partner to work with in the North American marketplace," explained Dr. Cho, Hwan-Eik, KEPCO President and CEO. "PowerStream's commitment to furthering the use of innovative technology to provide additional benefits to customers is consistent with what we believe is important at KEPCO."


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