TVA seeks comments on federal standards

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE - TVA customers have until July 27 to submit comments to the agency on four federally recommended standards TVA is considering for adoption, including one that would call for a rate structure that would vary based on whether power is used during peak demand hours.

The four standards TVA is considering are described online at

Comments can be made through that Web site or by mail.

As a non-regulated utility, TVA is required by the Energy Independence Act of 2007 to consider adopting four standards of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA). The PURPA standards include planning that integrates energy efficiency resources into future power needs, adopting a rate structure that encourages energy efficiency by consumers, investing in smart-grid equipment and technology and communicating information on power sources, electric use, costs and pricing to customers.

TVA spokesman John Moulton said TVA already has developed an integrated resource plan as part of its efforts to boost efficiency and meet federal guidelines on using green sources of power. The rate structure standard calls for adjusting rates so that customers would pay more during peak-demand hours than they would during off-peak hours. Moulton said TVA has not put such a rate structure in place yet, but favors doing so to help control power costs.

The third standard involves investing in meters and other equipment that would be able to separate peak and off-peak usage so that a varying rate structure could be implemented.

“Right now, your meter just gives a total,” he said.

TVA also supports adopting that standard, as well as the fourth, which is just a requirement to communicate all these measures to its customers, Moulton said.

TVA’s board of directors will decide whether to formally adopt the standards, but comments from the public are invited.


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