China to publish energy efficiency standards on small HEA

BEIJING, CHINA - Chinese governmental departments concerned are now drafting national compulsory standards on energy efficiency for small home electric appliance (HEA), according to Chen Gang, deputy secretary of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA).

The first batch of small HEA chosen for implementing the compulsory energy efficiency standards includes microwave oven, electric rice cooker and electric fan, indicating that the administration departments have expanded the energy saving targets from big HEAs such as refrigerator and color TV, to widely-use small HEAs.

The new compulsory standards will challenge the quality of small HEA, and force 20 percent of the HEA products out of the market.

The country has already completed the energy efficiency standards on air conditioner, refrigerator and washing machine, of which the standard on air conditioner is expected to be upgraded in 2009.

According to statistics from CHEAA, China's output of microwave oven reached 60 million units in 2007, and export, about 50 million units; that of electric rice cooker, 100 million units, and export, about 24 million units; and electric fan, 140 million, and export, about 130 million.

China now has more than 1,000 enterprises production the above three kinds of HEAs.

Industry experts said that with the enforcement of the policy on energy saving and pollutant discharge reducing by the government, enterprises and consumers will pay more attention to energy-saving and environment-friendly products.


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