EMCOR's Canadian subsidiary receives nuclear refurbishment contract

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT - EMCOR Group, Inc., recently announced that its Canadian subsidiary, Comstock Canada, is making good progress on a major refurbishment of the Bruce A nuclear generating station in Tiverton, Ontario.

Comstock Canada has a contract with SNC-Lavalin Nuclear to provide mechanical and electrical construction services supporting the facility's Steam Generator Replacement Program on two of the Bruce A 750 MW generating units.

The scope of work involves the replacement of sixteen of the plant's steam generators and includes the removal and reinstallation of pipes, cables and structural interferences to allow change out of the generators.

"As Canada phases out coal plants and other nuclear generators are reaching the end of their lifespan, the refurbishment of plants such as Bruce A is becoming increasingly important," said Geoffrey Birkbeck, CEO of Comstock Canada. "And as the province and country increasingly look to build and upgrade nuclear power facilities, which provide one of the only large-scale generation options that does not emit greenhouse gases, we are poised to play a vital role."


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