Azeri power plants start using fuel oil as Russian gas imports suspended

AZERBAIJAN - In connection with the suspension of gas imports from Russia to Azerbaijan, the main thermal power stations - the Azerbaijani State Regional Power Station and the Ali Bayramli State Regional Power Station - have started using fuel oil to generate electricity, the deputy president of the Azarenerji (Azerbaijani energy) power company, Marlen Asgarov, has told Turan.

At present, SOCAR's (State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic) oil refineries are delivering 10,000-10,500 tonnes of fuel oil on a daily basis to satisfy the needs of power plants. Moreover, the thermal power stations receive 11m-12m cu.metres of gas on a daily basis to produce power. This figure stood at 17m-18m cu.metres of gas a day in December.

Turan has learnt from SOCAR that its oil refineries have started producing fuel oil. At present, the total volume of oil extracted by SOCAR is delivered to the refineries to produce oil products.


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