MCD to generate power from garbage

NEW DELHI, INDIA - Garbage dumps in the capital would soon be put to good use with the MCD planning to set up gas plants in the landfills to generate electricity.

Three landfills in Okhla, Bhalaswa and Ghazipur would be used for gas recovery and reuse to generate electricity, MCD Standing Committee Chairman Vijender Gupta said.

"California is generating electricity from Methane (CH4) gas for 14 to 15 years recovered from USD 55 million plant. So we will also try to work in this model," said MCD's Additional Commissioner Naresh Kumar.

"For this, we need financial and technical assistance and the World Bank is sending a team of experts from Canada to study the three landfills and will submit a report within 9 months," he added.

Kumar also said another landfill of 34 acres in Jayatpur-Badarpur area is under process.

In Shadra South and Nazabgad, a door-to-door garbage collection would be done regularly by MCD for these landfills and in the remaining ten zones, which do not come under MCD jurisdiction, the garbage collection would be privatized, he said.


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