Bangladeshi government implements electricity rationing to cope with power crisis

DHAKA, BANGLADESH - The Bangladeshi government will implement "electricity rationing" starting March 4 in order to cope with the ongoing power crisis, according to a government order issued recently.

"All markets and shopping malls in the country would remain closed after 7 p.m. everyday with effective Sunday, " said the order.

The government is hoping to save around 100 megawatt of electricity through implementation of the unique "electricity rationing" system.

Presently, the country experiences power shortage of 1,000 megawatt to 1,200 megawatt, and the shortfall could exceed 2,000 megawatt in the ensuing summer.

The total supply of electricity is varying between 2,600 megawatt to 2,800 megawatt against its demand of 3,600 megawatt to 3,800 megawatt.

Against this backdrop, the government has taken up steps to lessen the electricity crisis through rationalizing its overall supply system.

Meanwhile, it is adopting both short and medium terms policies to boost the country's power generation capacity.


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