Dalton McGuinty defends green energy pledge

TORONTO - - A day after the province's auditor general criticized Ontario's long-term green energy plan, the premier was on the defensive in Windsor.

Dalton McGuinty didn't waver from his commitment to renewable energy, which includes more wind farms, the Green Energy Act and a $7-billion deal with Samsung.

The auditor general said the Liberals' plan would eventually cost Ontarians more than an additional $220 million in electricity costs.

"I am very grateful for the auditorÂ’s report. We welcome that," McGuinty said.

The province will continue to move forward with renewable energy in light of the criticism.

"I think weÂ’ve made a clear choice here. We said weÂ’re going to stop burning coal," he said. "WeÂ’re going to develop a modern reliable electricity system."

McGuinty said only five per cent of an electricity bill is linked to renewable energy. He said infrastructure costs make up the majority of hydro bills right now.

Green revolution

The premier likened the green industry to the auto industry.

"We could have made the decision at the time, weÂ’re not going to go ahead with cars and weÂ’ll stick to horses and buggies but that doesnÂ’t represent progress," McGuinty said. "We want to develop the capacity to do for renewable technologies what we have done for cars."

McGuinty said he wants Ontario to export energy to the U.S.

A clean energy manufacturer has officially opened its doors in Windsor, creating good jobs for families and strengthening the local economy.

McGuinty spoke at CS Wind, a Windsor-based company that makes wind towers, and officially opened its doors on Tuesday. The company is expected to create 300 skilled jobs for families in the Windsor-Essex area.


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