IKEA stores accept old fluorescent light tubes

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Home Depot has a good selection of fluorescent lights on its shelves, but it is definitely not the place to dispose of your burnt-out tubes.

We reported last week that the long glass tubes, which contain small amounts of toxic mercury, cannot be put out to the curb for recycling or garbage pickup.

Instead, the city tells people to take them to six of its solid waste drop-off depots, but getting to one of those spots can be difficult, particularly for anyone without a car.

A dozen readers emailed or called to say Home Depot accepts used tube lights, including Alan Leslie, who scolded us for "once again.

.. filling space with half a story," and being a know-nothing who "should spend a bit of time on research BEFORE putting pen to paper!"

Leslie's chiding propelled us to a Home Depot on Eglinton Ave. E., where we found a box near a door marked for recycling of the squiggly-bulbed, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), along with a sign that said, "Sorry, we DO NOT accept tube fluorescent bulbs."

Home Depot rep Sheri Papps confirmed it's been the chain's policy for several years not to accept expired tube lights.

The good news: IKEA's four stores in the GTA will accept spent tube lights for recycling, whether you choose to buy new ones from the store or not, said spokesperson Madeleine Frick.


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