Israel Electric cleaning up with tenders for scrubbers

HADERA, ISRAEL - Among a number initiatives to reduce emissions as Israel's power generation capacity increases, the Israel Electric Corporation Limited has launched a tender for two scrubbers to be installed at two generation units totaling 1,150 megawatts (MW) at the Orot Rabin coastal power plant in Hadera.

This is the largest anti-pollution project undertaken by the company. The Orot Rabin power station complex is the country's largest with a designed capacity of 2,590 MW. Currently, the plant burns 18,000 tons of coal per day and circulates 320,000 tons of seawater per hour.

In pursuit of cleaner generation, Israel Electric has undertaken the use of low-sulfur oil and low-sulfur coal. The target with new scrubbers would be to reduce sulfur emissions by up to 90% by removing pollutants from the gas stream.

The contract for the Hadera scrubbers is estimated to be in the region of $150 million and the successful contracting company would be in line for two more units totaling 1,100 MW at the Rutenberg power station in Ashkelon. The total value of the contract, covering the installation of scrubbers at both power stations, could cost about $300 million.

In terms of a revised national framework program, Israel Electric should complete the installation of the scrubbers in Hadera by 2011 and in Rutenberg by 2014.

Between 1998 and 2007, the company reduced sulfur oxide emissions by 59% and particulate matter emissions per unit of electricity production by 69%. In 2007 the company's installed generating capacity was 11,300 MW, of which 42.7% was coal fired. Gas-oil-fired capacity represented about 36.8% and fuel-oil steam-powered capacity was about 5.3% of the total. The remaining 15.42% of the generating capacity was fueled by natural gas.

Further decreases in emissions are anticipated through the conversion of Israel's oil-fired power stations and turbines to natural gas, the establishment of new power stations using advanced technologies, including combined-cycle gas turbines and the utilization of alternative and renewable energy where solar power could contribute a significant margin.


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