AECL committed to returning NRU reactor to service

CHALK RIVER, ONTARIO - In response to a statement issued by the Government of Canada on December 10, AECL confirms that it has a detailed work plan in place to ensure the NRU reactor is safely returned to service as quickly as possible and it remains in constant communication with Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) staff to expedite the approvals needed.

Teams of AECL employees and its suppliers continue to work around the clock on the installation and connection of the upgraded equipment in preparation for return to service. AECL employees are in the process of completing the installation of one pump and have secured all necessary components to assemble the second pump.

Furthermore, AECL has requested the CNSC's approval to return the NRU reactor to service, on an interim basis, using one coolant pump with the emergency backup power connected while work is completed on the second pump.

These conditions provide for safe operation of the reactor.


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