Turkey agrees to supply Georgia power

ANKARA, TURKEY - Turkey has agreed to a request from neighbour Georgia to supply the country with electricity amid the conflict in the breakaway South Ossetia region, a senior Turkish Energy Ministry source told Reuters.

Russia sent forces into Georgia to repel a Georgian assault on the breakaway region and Georgia's pro-Western president said the two countries were at war.

"Under an agreement, Turkey was receiving electricity from Georgia until the evening of August 7. But after the latest developments Georgia requested 30-40 MW (megawatts) of electricity," the ministry source said.

"We gave a positive response," he said.

Under the power agreement between the two countries, the neighbours supply or receive electricity depending on fluctuating demand.

Turkey and Georgia have limited trade links but last month they launched a railway project together with Azerbaijan, building on links forged by gas and oil piplines across the region.


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