SCC to initiate Smart Grid Roadmap implementation

Ottawa, Ontario — - Ottawa, Ontario — Canadian smart grid standardization efforts are gaining momentum with the formation of a national advisory committee. The Canadian Smart Grid Standards Roadmap, published by the Standards Council of Canada SCC recommends that a steering committee be formed as a means of advancing related policy objectives and maintaining active stakeholder engagement.

The Roadmap recommendations were the result of two years of consultation by a group of Canadian experts from across industry and government. To guide the standardization of a modernized, more efficient electrical grid, the development of this SmartGrid Roadmap was overseen by Natural Resources Canada NRCan and the Canadian National Committee to the International Electrotechnical Commission CNC/IEC.

“We’re excited to begin implementing the Roadmap recommendations,” says John Walter, SCC Chief Executive Officer. “The Smart Grid Standards Advisory Committee will help ensure that Canadian standardization efforts are being coordinated and effectively advanced.”

"Our government plays a key role in fostering innovation and collaboration among public and private sectors and we are proud to be working with stakeholders to facilitate a dialogue about the future of smart grid technology in Canada," said the Honourable Joe Oliver, CanadaÂ’s Minister of Natural Resources. "We are taking action to advance clean energy technologies, such as smart grids, making Canada a world leader in the green economy of tomorrow."

The advisory committee will be co-chaired by SCC and the Canadian Electricity Association CEA. Comprised of government, industry and consumer representatives, the committee will address policy, legislation and regulatory considerations of Smart Grid development, implementation and usage, so as to ensure these are executed with consideration for Canadian interests.

“The input and expertise of steering committee members will be invaluable in addressing the target areas identified in the Roadmap―everything from privacy and security requirements to metering standards,” said Francis Bradley, CEA Vice-President. “The committee will also monitor the implementation of the Roadmap and identify approaches to meet the requirements of a smarter Canadian electric grid.”

For more information about the Smart Grid advisory committee or the Canadian Roadmap, stakeholders are encouraged to communicate their interest to Visar Mahmuti.

SCC is a Crown corporation and a portfolio of Industry Canada. With the goal of enhancing Canada's economic competitiveness and social well-being, SCC offers accreditation services to standards development bodies, and coordinates the efforts of Canadians in the development and use of national and international standards. SCC is the Canadian member of the International Organization for Standardization ISO and sponsor of the Canadian national committee to the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC. For additional information on the work of SCC and the Smart Grid initiative, visit or email


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