New Canadian supplier announced for aftermarket battery company

CALGARY, ALBERTA - Battery Direct International Inc. has been selected as a new Canadian aftermarket distributor to carry PulseTech Products Corp.’s product line.

Effective immediately, all 18 Battery Direct locations across Canada will start selling PulseTech products, including the recently launched Xtreme Charge battery charging and maintenance products.

PulseTech products have made strides in the U.S. General Consumer Market since the launch of its new product line in 2007, and the new distributor agreements aims to build this same success and market growth in Canada.

“This new partnership is a great fit as we share many of the same business values and philosophies. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Battery Direct International Inc. and their Stored Energy Solutions division to gain national product and brand exposure for our battery maintenance and conditioning products throughout Canada,” says Robert “Smokey” White, PulseTech VP of sales and marketing.

PulseTech’s entire line of “Plug and Play” products are designed to work with all types and sizes of 12-volt lead-acid batteries including flooded, fill and charge, Gel, AGM and Maintenance Free (from less than 10 Ah to over 150 Ah), making their products a natural fit with Battery Direct’s Stored Energy Solutions business.

Battery Direct International Inc. is headquartered in Calgary. Battery Direct International Inc. has a national distribution network of 18 factory warehouses across Canada that sells and services batteries and battery related products for all major applications.


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