VRB Power Systems to help modernize the grid

WASHINGTON, D.C. - VRB Power Systems Inc. has been identified by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as part of a project selected by the DOE for federal funding to help increase efficiency in the nation's electricity grid.

To significantly reduce peak load and measurably improve power reliability at the Santa Rita Jail, the project will integrate solar energy, fuel cell, energy storage and control systems. (Duration: 3 years; Cost: $7 million federal/$7 million non-federal). For more information, please refer to the announcement released by the DOE at https://www.energy.gov/news/6170.htm.

The Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration (RDSI) technologies demonstrated in these projects aim to reduce peak load electricity demand by at least 15 percent at distribution feeders-the power lines delivering electricity to consumers-and are part of the Bush Administration's ongoing efforts to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the nation's energy infrastructure to ensure a reliable supply of energy to all Americans.

"Cutting-edge technologies that enhance the efficiency and dependability of the nation's electricity grid are critical to the Bush Administration's overarching goal of ensuring an affordable and reliable supply of electricity to the American people," Assistant Secretary Kolevar said. "These proposals will help to increase reliability in our electricity grid by defraying both the cost and effort associated with upgrading distribution lines or adding new generation capacity to meet peak electrical load, furthering our ongoing efforts to increase national economic and energy security."

The projects were selected in response to DOE's Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) April 2007 Funding Opportunity Announcement seeking applications for research and development activities to improve the security of controls systems for energy delivery and increase the use of distributed generation during peak load periods. Negotiations between selected applicants and OE will begin immediately to determine final project plans and funding levels.


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