Electrical safety during a flood

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO - Following our challenging winter season, many Ontarians may now find they need to deal with flooding resulting from a combination of spring showers and the melting of accumulated snow. Ontario's Electrical Safety Authority warns the public to follow basic safety steps in response to flooding.

Electrical equipment and wiring that has been exposed to water through flooding may be dangerous if re-energized without proper evaluation and reconditioning or replacement by qualified persons.

Returning home to a flood - Stay clear of basement flooding when it covers outlets, extension cords or powerbars as flood water could be energized. Contact your Local Distribution Company (Electrical Utility) to disconnect power to your home prior to entering these areas to start clean-up.

Electrical equipment following a flood - No part of a flooded installation can be assumed safe, not even the main breaker. Before testing or work begins on equipment, power should be disconnected at the service panel with the main switch left in the "off" position until work has been completed.

Contact your Local Distribution Company to disconnect power to your home in the event that flood water rises above outlets covers or power cords, or approaches the service panel. Once power has been turned off or disconnected, a licensed electrical contractor should be contacted to determine if electrical equipment (wires, plugs) needs to be replaced.

Do not plug in or attempt to use wet electrical appliances until they have been checked or serviced by an electrician or service agency. Ask your electrician, or contact the manufacturer or dealer for the nearest service location.


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