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Utility Relay Protection - Advanced - This 18-hour live online instructor-led training course is a must have for all electric utility transmission and distribution engineers who enter into the Protection & Control field and electrical technicians.

The main objective of this course is to identify, discuss and develop solutions to common utility protection issues. This popular course gives students a comprehensive understanding of the principles of electric utility protection relaying and applications.

Electric utility protective relays are deployed throughout the T&D power system for the purpose of sensing abnormal electrical events and operating conditions They isolate, working in tandem with circuit breakers, any abnormal conditions that resulting from environmental effects, physical accidents, equipment breakdown or operational failure which is caused by human error.

A reliable, selective and high-speed isolation and protection system is necessary to prevent damage to vital and expensive utility asset equipment, reduce the risk of serious danger to humans and to maintain power system stability and acceptable power quality.

These stringent requirements, with high potential consequences, make it imperative that utility relay protection systems are designed and maintained to perform their functions with a very high degree of dependability and security.

Topics and Issues:

  • Management of Utility Relay Protection Assets and Investment Strategies
  • Relay Protection Systems Design Standards and Utility Practices 
  • Substation Relay Automation – Experiences and Best Practices
  • Optimizing Relay Protection System Maintenance and Compliance Reporting
  • Introduction of New and Emerging Relay ProtectionTechnologies


WHO should attend

  • Electric Utility Transmission and Distribution Engineers;
  • Electrical Power System Planners
  • Electrical Power System Engineers
  • Consulting Engineers;
  • Electrical Engineers And Technical Staff Entering The Protection Field
  • Engineers And Technicians Involved With Design, Operation, Maintenance, Testing, And Troubleshooting Of High And Medium Voltage Electrical Systems And Equipment
  • Technicians And Technologists In the Electric Utility Field Involved In Design, Operation And Maintenance Who Require Knowledge Of Electrical System Protection Techniques


Students receive

  • FREE 100-Page Digital Electrical Protection Handbook (Value $20)
  • $100 Coupon Toward Any Future Electricity Forum Event (Restrictions Apply)
  • 1.8 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Credits
  • FREE Magazine Subscription (Value $25.00)
  • Course Materials In PDF Format


Utility Relay Protection Fundamentals - Eric Stark, Electricity Forum Electrical Protection Specialist




  • Power System Components
  • Why Protect?
  • Relaying basics
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Primary and Backup relaying
  • Microprocessor Relays
  • 3 phase AC properties
  • Symmetrical Components
  • Current & Potential Transformer




Generator Protection

Generator Protection elements

  • Stator Differential
  • Neutral Displacement
  • 3rd harmonic
  • Loss of excitation
  • Accidental Energization
  • Low Forward Power
  • Reverse Power

Paralleling generators

  • AVR and Governor Control


Transmission Lines Protection

  • Introduction to Transmission Lines
  • Distance protection theory
  • Stepped Distance
  • Pilot Aided schemes:
  • DUTT, PUTT, POTT, HYBRID POTT, Directional blocking
  • Power Swings blocking
  • Line Current Differential protection



Transformer Protection

Transformer theory
Transformer protection elements

  • Current Transformer Percent
  • Differential
  • 2nd harmonic inhibit
  • 5th harmonic inhibit
  • Volts/Hz
  • Sudden Pressure change detection

Busbar Protection

Bus protection elements
Bus protection requirements

Bus protection schemes

  •  High Impedance
  •  Linear Couplers
  •  Interlocking
  •  Unrestrained Differential
  •  Percent Differential
  •  Low Impedance microprocessor-based


Feeder Protection

  •   Protection elements
  •   Relay coordination
  •   Phase TOC (51)
  •   Phase IOC (50)
  •   Ground Relaying
  •   Instructor led Lab exercises
  •   Fault simulation
  •   Event Log
  •   Oscillography



Both days:

Start: 10 a.m. Eastern Time
Finish: 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time


Live Online Course Registration Fees & CEU Credits

The registration fee to attend this live online training course is $699 + GST/HST.

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Earn Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Credits

Successful completion of this course qualifies delegates to receive a certificate of course completion with indicated CEUs.


CEUs are granted by the Engineering Institute of Canada. One CEU is equivalent to 10 professional development hours of instruction.

This course earns 1.8 CEUs.

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Eric Stark
Electricity Forum Electrical Protection Specialist


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