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Industrial Automation Training

Industrial Automation Training

You Can Access The Live Online Training Through Our Web-Based Platform From Your Own Computer. You Can See And Hear The Instructor And See His Screen Live.

You Can Interact And Ask Questions. The Cost Of The Training Also Includes 7 Days Of Email Mentoring With The Instructor.

Industrial Automation Training - This 12-Hour Live Online instructor-led course will give students an overview of the main products and technologies that are driving the automation controls market. Students will learn the benefits of existing and emerging hardware and software technologies and best decide which methods to

Industrial Automation is rapidly growing especially within the Power sector, Automobile, Oil and gas, Manufacturing, Mining etc. Process Automation provides the technology to control and monitor the process in industrial plants using concepts such as feedback, cascade, feed forward and advanced process control. According to an estimate provided by the International Society of Automation (ISA), 15,000 fresh automation engineers are required annually in the United States. This Industrial Automation course is designed to empower students with the foundation and intermediate level of knowledge that will help them to understand the three key modules of Industrial Automation: PLC, SCADA, and DCS.

Industrial robotics, controls and automated systems have been in general use in the manufacturing industry since the early 1980s. These industrial automation systems have seen wide acceptance in high-volume manufacturing for many years. As systems mature, they become cost effective for low-volume production in the local manufacturing sector. The integration of automation and industrial control sytems, architectures and protocols has created a specific need to train industrial electrical and instrumentation staff on the development and maintenance of industrial automation systems.


WHO should attend

Who is the online Industrial Automation training designed for?

  • Graduates who like to gain skills to become an Automation Engineer
  • Electrical and Instrumentation specialists who would like develop their career in Industrial Automation field
  • Beginners want to learn the in-depth concepts of Automation technology and become a master of Industrial Automation concepts
  • Automation Engineers who would like to know about the other key developments in Industrial Automation
  • Experienced Engineers who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills and learn about trending technologies
  • Engineering and Electrical Plant specialists who are looking for a course that can help them to learn Industrial Automation in an easy and efficient way



Students receive


  • This is a practicalcourse with lots of examples provided by an expert in the field of Industrial Automation and Control Systems
  • This Industrial Automation training course that helps participants understand and master the concepts of Process Automation, DCS, PLC, SCADA, MMI/HMI
  • On successful completion of this Control Systems training, students will be ready to attend and succeed in interviews for DCS/PLC programmer positions
  • This course is conducted by an experienced professional who has a wide range of experience and is a subject matter expert in Process Automation

Industrial Automation Course

Course Instructor: Paul DeJong C.E.T., Northern Dynamics


Session 1 - PLC’s

  • North American


Rockwell Automation the Logix Family

  • European


Siemens S7-1500 & S7-1200

  • Asian


Omron NX/NJ and other Families




Mitsubishi MELSEC Families

  • CODESYS based PLC’s


Eaton, Schneider, ABB



Session 2 - HMI’s / Scada

  • One of the bigger growth areas, companies want Data
  • Third party companies like Wonderware & Ignition
  • Rockwell and Siemens platforms



Session 3 – Drives, Motion, Motors and Servos

  • Drive Suppliers


Siemens, Rockwell, ABB

  • VFD’s, V/Hz VS Vector


Energy and maintenance savings

  • Motors, Induction vs PM vs old DC


Energy Savings vs Maintenance and overall Costs

  • Linear Motion


Energy Savings vs Pneumatic / Hydraulics



Session 4 - Networks and new Standards

  • Ethernet variations


EtherNet/IP, EtherCat, ProfiNet, Modbus/TCP

  • Old Networks


Profibus, Modbus/RTU, DH+



Session 5 – Sensors and Actuators

  • Intelligent and Non-Intelligent Devices


IoT and CAN / DeviceNet networks

  • Vision



Session 6 - Safety Products

  • PLC’s


Process of applying

  • Discrete Products


Light Curtains

  • Wired and Wireless products



Session 7 – Overview of the three main software packages

  • Design Studio, Siemens TIA, Omron Sysmac Studio


PLC, HMI and Drive access



Session 8 – Further look at CODESYS and the IEC 61131-3 Standard

  • PLC, HMI and Drive access
  • Use with small embedded devices like RasPi and Arduino



Session 9 – HMI and Scada Software

  • 3rd party packages like Wonderware & Ignition



Session 10 – Various Programming Languages

  • Ladder Logic


History and use

  • Function Block


Variations in Function Block languages

  • Structured Text
  • Statement list
  • Regional Instruction set Variations


North American vs European vs Asian



Session 11 – Customization of code

  • Migration to Tags vs old school address based
  • UDT’s and Data Blocks techniques like Arrays
  • Libraries and making your own instructions
  • Possible programming techniques


Sequential Programming compared to sequencer instructions


Company Based Standards

  • Integration of IT based languages


Visual Basic, C-Based, Python


Web Programming and Integration


SQL Integration



Session 12 – Remote Access and Security

  • Products Like Ewon
  • Integration with IT security

Everything uses Ethernet now which opens more security challenges

  • Standards

New OPC-UA vs OPC and DDE





Live Online Course Registration Fees & CEU Credits

The registration fee to attend this live online training course is $599 + GST/HST.

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Earn Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Credits

Successful completion of this course qualifies delegates to receive a certificate of course completion with indicated CEUs.


CEUs are granted by the Engineering Institute of Canada. One CEU is equivalent to 10 professional development hours of instruction.

This course earns 1.2 CEUs.

Live on-line or in-person. Customized.

Live online group training

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Paul DeJong, C.E.T.
President, Northern Dynamics

Paul specializes in PLCs, Drives and HMIs from various manufacturers like Panasonic, Rockwell Automation, Reliance Electric, Omron, and Siemens. Northern Dynamics is a leading Control Systems Integrat