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T&D Automation and AMR/AMI Systems Handbook Vol. 2

Volume 2 of our T&D Automation and AMR/AMI handbook series provides detailed information on the automation of the transmission and distribution networks, coupled with the widespread use of new metering technologies. Distributed generation, the cost benefit of modern substation automation, advanced metering infrastructure, intelligent switchgear and wireless technologies are a sampling of the articles included in this more than 104 page handbook.

The Critical Role Of Advanced Metering Technology In Optimizing Energy Delivery and Efficiency
  • Benefit Of Sensors For On-Line Monitoring Systems For Power Transformers
  • The Electricity Meter
  • Advanced Metering Commonly Used Definitions
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Gridwise Field Program Manager
  • Power Distribution Automation: Present Status
  • Intelligent Switchgear And Information Technology
  • Wireless Technologies For Distribution Automation
  • Lightning Protection
  • New Technologies For Electric Power Distribution Systems
  • Understanding Power Factor, Crest Factor, And Surge Factor
  • Power Factor Control Input Signals
  • The Cost Benefit Of Modern Substation Automation In Electrical High Voltage Installations
  • Ultra High Voltage DC Systems
  • 690 V Is A Good Alternative In The Process Industry
  • Demand Response And Advanced Metering Fact Sheet
  • Protection And Substation Automation State Of The Art And Development Trends
  • Ethernet in Substation Automation Applications
  • Utility Design for Reliability: Optimization with Six Sigma Tools
  • Application and Design of the Modern Substation Automation Platform
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