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Lighting Handbook, Vol. 1

Industrial Lighting Handbook presents a wide array of lighting choices and problems in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors, from fluorescent to HID lamps, solid state lighting and office lighting scenarios. This handbook covers everything from basic lighting to advanced automation emergency lighting applications.

Energy Policy Act Sets New Ballast Efficiency Standards
  • Changing White Light
  • Applying Centralized Emergency Lighting Inverter Systems
  • With a Flick of my BIC
  • Harvesting Untapped HVAC Energy Savings in Unoccupied rooms
  • Selecting Effective Lighting Control
  • Testing Electric Streetlight Components with LabVIEW-Controlled Virtual Instrumentation
  • Lighting control saves Coca-Cola Amatil energy
  • An Analysis of the Cost of Light for Solid State Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting Test
  • The Evolution of Fluorescent Lamps
  • NEC Changes Impact Lighting Control Panels, Metal Halide Lighting
  • Linear Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts: Technology, Methods, Protocols
  • Dimming HID Lamps
  • Introduction to Lighting Automation
  • Conventional Lighting: Basic Home Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Fluorescent Lighting Troubleshooting
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