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Electrical Testing and Measurement Handbook Vol. 7

This seventh volume handbook on Electrical Testing and Measurement contains the latest techniques and methods in electrical measurement and testing.

Electrical Measurement and Testing Contact-less Sensing and the Auto-detect Infrastructure
  • Don’t Risk It: Use Correct Electrical Measurement Tools and Procedures to Minimize Risk and Liability
  • Isolation Technologies for Reliable Industrial Measurements
  • Resistance Measurements, Three- and Four-Point Method
  • Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester, Models 3711 & 3731 Step-by-Step Usage
  • Measuring Magnetic Fields, Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields, Measurements and Possible Effect on Human Health
  • A new Approach to Quick, Accurate, Affordable Floating Measurements
  • High-Voltage Measurements and Isolation -General Analog Concepts
  • Standard Measurements: Electric Fields due to High Voltage Equipment Identification of Closed Loop Systems
  • Selecting and Using Transducers for Transformers for Electrical Measurements
  • How to Troubleshoot like an Expert, A Systematic Approach
  • Electrical Industrial Troubleshooting
  • The Art of Measuring, Low Resistance
  • Standards for Superconductor and Magnetic Measurements
  • Multi Channel Current Transducer Systems
  • Fall-of-Potential Ground Testing, Clamp-On Ground Testing Comparison
  • An Introduction to Antenna Test Ranges, Measurements and Instrumentation
  • Deriving Model Parameters from Field Test Measurements
  • Testing Electric Streetlight Components with LabVIEW-Controlled Virtual Instrumentation
  • Asset Management, The Path to Maintenance Excellence
  • Think Synchronization First to Optimize Automated Test
  • Using National Instruments System Identification, Control Design and Simulation Products for Designing and Testing a Controller for an Unidentified System
  • Magneto-Mechanical Measurements for High Current Applications
  • A Basic Guide to Thermography
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