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Electrical Testing Maintenance Handbook, Vol. 8

Part of the popular testing and measurement series of handbooks, Volume 8 further examines the crucial elements of proper maintenance and testing techniques essential to minimizing risk and liability.

Undrstanding Product Certification Marks and the Product Testing and Certification Process
  • Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Why Calibrate Test Equipment?
  • Making Better Electric Field Measurements
  • Obtaining More Accurate Resistance Measurements Using the 6-Wire OHMS Measurement Technique
  • How Stray Voltage Affects Multimeter Measurements
  • Revised Engineering and Testing Practices Resulting From Migration to IEC 61850
  • Resistance Measurements Three- and Four-Point Method
  • The Art of Measuring Low Resistance
  • What is Hipot Testing?
  • Magneto-Mechanical Measurements for High Current Applications
  • Isolation Technologies for Reliable Industrial Measurements
  • Fall-of-Potential Ground Testing, Clamp-On Ground Testing Comparison
  • Inline Detection, Analysis Find Invisible Electrical Defects Faster
  • Who Sets the Rules for Electrical Testing and Safety?
  • Comparative Corrosion and Current Burst Testing of Copper and Aluminum Electrical Power Connectors
  • Application of the EL CID Test with Circulating Currents in Stator Windings
  • Important Measurements That Support Infrared Surveys in Substations
  • Use of an Isolation Transformer While Performing Line Leakage or Functional Run Tests
  • Measuring Magnetic Fields Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • How the Loading of an AC/DC Transfer Standard Can Affect Your Measurements of AC Voltage and Current
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