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Wabash Power Equipment Company
444 Carpenter Avenue
IL 60090
Tel : 847-541-5600
Fax : 847-541-1279
Contact : Richard Caitung, Sales
E-Mail : info@wabashpower.com

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Since 1950, Wabash Power Equipment Co. has been a trusted supplier of boilers and generating equipment, providing highly dependable efficient power generation equipment with the latest proven designs, innovations, and emissions technologies from its warehouses and headquarters in Wheeling, IL. Wabash maintains an inventory of Boilers 20,000-400,000 per hour on a sale or rental basis; Diesel and Gas Engine, Gas Turbine Generators, Pulverizers, Mills and Related Power Plant Equipment.

Company Products

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Circuit Breaker Components
Circuit Breakers - T&D - Generator
Circuit Breakers - T&D - Rentals
Compressors - Central Air Systems
Compressors - Engine Starting - Air
Compressors - Gases

Compressors - Service Air
Consultants - Power System Studies
Consultants - T&D Engineering
Transformers - Distribution - Substation-type
Transformers - Distribution - Subsurface
Transformers - Dry-type - High Voltage
Transformers - Dry-type - Low Voltage

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