Tech Products, Inc. at Electricity Forum

Tech Products, Inc.

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Tech Products, Inc. at Electricity Forum
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About Tech Products, Inc.

Tech Products, Inc. Is your source for quality identification products to the utility, pipeline and (OEM) original equipment market including, utility pole markers, valve tags, machinery data plates and safety signs for substations and transmission towers.

Our Everlast® brand is in use on many of the fiber optic cables, pipelines, and distribution systems throughout the northern and southern hemisphere. It is a unique product that does not use ink to convey its message. In fact, our first customer, Delaware Electric Coop is still using the product to mark their poles today. 

Our Fasttag miniature cable marker product line has been used by the US military on its battleships, the energy industry to identify underwater cable and pipes on offshore oil rigs and many of the fiber optic cables of the cable industry.

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Tech Products, Inc. Introduction at Electricity Forum

Tech Products, Inc. Introduction

Made in NYC at Electricity Forum

Made in NYC

Manufacturing plant at Electricity Forum

Manufacturing plant

Everlast Transformer Cable Markers at Electricity Forum

Everlast Transformer Cable Markers

Transformer tags at Electricity Forum

Transformer tags

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  • 03/26/24
Tech Products, Inc. at Electricity Forum