Protective Relay Training Courses

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Course Objectives:

  • Identify the Effects of Current Transformers (CTs) on Power Systems Protection.
  • Recognize Protective Relay Coordination Related Disturbances and Outages.
  • Collect the Required Data to Perform a Detailed Coordination Study.
  • Derive Complete Protective Relay Device Settings to Protect the Electrical Power Systems Equipment.

Who Should Attend Our Protective Relay Training Courses:
Consultants, application engineers, design engineers and electrical engineers from large industrial plants or municipal distribution systems with complex protective relay needs will find this course highly beneficial. Attendance at the Siemens Westinghouse Industrial Power Systems Analysis Seminar or equivalent is strongly recommended as a prerequisite

Course Content

  • Introduction to Power Systems Relaying
    System Planning
    Power System Studies
    Phasor Fundamentals
    Relaying Principles
    Review of Short Circuit Calculations
    Fundamentals of Coordination
  • Power Systems Grounding
    Symmetrical Components
    Ungrounded Systems
    Solidly-Grounded Systems
    Resistance-Grounded Systems
    Ground Fault Detection Methods
  • Current Transformers
    Types, CT Ratios, Polarity
    Burden, Accuracy Classes, Saturation Calculations
  • Protection Fundamentals
    Line, Cables, Feeders
    Medium Voltage Motors
    Power Transformers
  • Protective Relay Schemes
    Directional Relays
    Differential Relays
    Ground Relays

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