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Meg-Alert Corporation

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Meg-Alert Corporation at Electricity Forum

About Meg-Alert Corporation

Meg-Alert manufactures the unique and patented "Motor Guard" and "GenGuard". These permanently installed devices provide continuous and automatic dielectric testing of motor and generator insulation. MotorGuard and GenGuard provide "hands off" testing, with none of the danger or expense of manual meg-ohm testing. Benefits also include complete motor and generator protection from failure at startup due to the incorporation of a Alarm and Lockout feature. Applications for MotorGuard include ALL critical duty motors - pumps, blowers, production lines, etc. GenGuard is designed to protect the generator unit on standby or primary power generators. Both Motor Guard and GenGuard have been proven in over 30 years of installations in the toughest of environments, including Off shore rigs, Refineries, Pulp and Paper Mills, Pipelines, Power Generation  and Water Utilities, wind generators, and every kind of production facility. Motor Guard and GenGuard provide remote monitoring outputs for preventive and predictive maintenance anywhere in the world. Our new Digital Megohm meter chnges colors on the dial face when going through the Alarm ranges and has a 4-20 mA output option for remote trending and tracking of the I/R readings. Many other options are available to warn of low insulation resistance and fault conditions. All units are covered by a 10-year full Factory warranty and all our products are made in the USA.

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Meg-Alert company video

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