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6775 Corporate Park Drive
Loudon, Tennessee, USA, 37774

About Filmax LLC

Filmax, LLC specializes in manufacturing state-of-the-art filters and oil filtration systems for the power industry. Since 1992, our products, customer service and technical support have enabled us to provide over seven thousand machines throughout North America and internationally. Filmax filtration systems indefinitely extend the component life of arcing load tap changers (LTCs) and voltage regulators while maintaining cleanliness levels several grades cleaner than brand new oil. Filmax has systems specifically designed to remove moisture from transformers to less than 5 ppm. At Filmax, we employ a "listen first" policy in order to better understand the unique needs of each customer. This method has enabled us to design and manufacture the most reliable, innovative and proven product line in the industry, while also presenting our clients a permanent solution for reducing costs. Our team is consistently recognized for providing superior product performance, customer service and technical support. Contact a Filmax expert to discuss our impressive line of industry-specific equipment and filters designed for on-line load tap changers, voltage regulators, oil circuit breakers, and main tank transformers.

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