Site Controls help retailers respond proactively to hurricane

AUSTIN, TEXAS - The Category 2 storm Hurricane Ike left over five million residents in Texas and Louisiana without power and forced many businesses to temporarily shut their doors or change operating hours.

Site Controls, a provider of enterprise-based energy management, operational intelligence and grid efficiency solutions, responded by coordinating the operation of key energy-consuming equipment, such as air conditioning, lighting and signage, to reflect changing business hours due to the storm.

With approval from each of its retail customers, Site Controls proactively conducted configuration changes to reduce unnecessary energy usage and protect the utility grid during this critical time. Site Controls managed all necessary programming changes to its Site-Command energy management system (EMS) equipment at each facility, helping its customers avoid the intake of excessive amounts of hot, humid air into their buildings during unoccupied hours. These precautions also protected HVAC equipment from unnecessary wear.

Site Controls continues to closely monitor these facilities until power is fully restored to the affected areas. As soon as it is appropriate, Site Controls will work with customers to return each site to its normal operating schedule.

“Site Controls is committed to using intelligent EMS technology to help our customers manage their facilities in sustainable ways, in appropriate response to changing conditions,” said Dan Sharplin, CEO, Site Controls. “In the case of a natural disaster such as Hurricane Ike, we feel it is our responsibility to partner with these retailers to reduce energy in affected communities at a time of great need. We are glad that our ability to conduct many of these tasks automatically on behalf of our customers allows them to focus on more pressing issues in service of their communities.”


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