OPG and GM Canada to promote electric cars

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and General Motors Canada (GMC) are working together to drive home the message that plug-in electric cars are on the horizon, and they will be powered by an Ontario electricity system that will be cleaner over time.

This message is the central theme of a two-month, Ontario-based advertising campaign. The campaign features a 30-second TV commercial showcasing the environmental benefits of plug-in electric vehicles. The TV ads are supplemented by print, billboard and internet advertising that features the upcoming Chevrolet Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle.

The Volt is designed to be recharged overnight and to operate exclusively on electric power for up to 65 kilometres. After that point its range extending power source - a small gasoline engine - will engage seamlessly to recharge its batteries.

"This collaboration is a natural fit for both GM and OPG," said OPG Chief Nuclear Officer, Tom Mitchell. "GM is working towards a future of clean transportation, and OPG is working towards a future of dramatically reduced greenhouse gas emissions, with our reliance on nuclear and hydroelectric generation."

"We are delighted that OPG is highlighting the great environmental potential of the Chevrolet Volt" said GM of Canada Vice President of Corporate and Environmental Affairs, David Paterson. "We look forward to working closely with OPG as we move forward towards that reality".


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